Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman was an English singer-songwriter and guitarist born on 24 January 1941 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. He was a self-taught musician who started his musical journey playing in skiffle bands, strip clubs, and jazz trios while paying his way through art college. Chapman gained recognition on the Cornwall acoustic scene after leaving his teaching job at Bolton College of Art. His career took off when he impressed a pub crowd with his guitar skills during a rainy night in the late 1960s.

In 1967, Chapman emerged on the London and Cornwall folk music circuits alongside renowned artists like John Martyn and Roy Harper. He released his debut album in 1969 under Harvest label and went on to release three more albums with them. After parting ways with Harvest, Chapman signed with Deram Records where he experimented with electric guitar and harder rhythms in his work.

The 1980s marked a quieter period for Chapman as he continued recording for smaller record labels and performing on the folk and club circuits. However, towards the late 1990s, he experienced a rebirth in his career receiving critical acclaim for his albums and earning praise from performers like Thurston Moore and Supergrass. In addition to song-based sets, Chapman also explored instrumental albums rooted in his guitar playing background during the 2000s.


Michael Chapman
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