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Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil is a rock band that was formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1972. The band's lineup remained stable throughout their long career, with Peter Garrett as the lead singer and early synthesizer player, Jim Moginie on guitar and keyboards, Martin Rotsey on guitar, and Rob Hirst on drums. They were joined by bass players Andrew James until 1979, Peter Gifford until 1987, and finally Bones Hillman from then until the band's dissolution in 2002. Gary Morris served as the band's manager and effective sixth member throughout their career.

With their unique sound blending rock music with political activism, Midnight Oil became one of Australia's most influential bands. Their powerful lyrics often addressed social and environmental issues, making them a voice for change. Despite disbanding in 2002, their impact continued to resonate with fans worldwide.

Tragically, Midnight Oil lost Bones Hillman to cancer in November 2020. His contributions to the band will always be remembered.


Midnight Oil
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