Prince Far I

Prince Far I was a Jamaican deejay known for his powerful voice and unique style. He not only made music, but also ran his own label called Cry Tuff. Tragically, the Voice of Thunder was shot to death in his home on September 15, 1983 at the age of 39.

With his distinct sound and lyrical prowess, Prince Far I has influenced many artists in the reggae genre. Some similar artists include *Yabby You*, *Keith Hudson*, *Prince Jammy*, *Tapper Zukie*, *Mikey Dread*, and *The Revolutionaries*. These talented performers have all been inspired by Prince Far I's contributions to the music industry.

Although he left us too soon, Prince Far I's legacy lives on through his influential music and label. His impact can still be felt today as new generations continue to discover and appreciate his work.


Prince Far I
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