Sea Girls

Sea Girls are an English indie rock band formed in London in 2015. The band consists of Henry Camamile on vocals and guitar, Rory Young on guitar and backing vocals, Andrew Dawson on bass and backing vocals, and Oliver Khan on drums and keyboards.

With their infectious blend of indie rock sound, Sea Girls have quickly gained a loyal following. Their energetic performances and catchy melodies have made them a standout act in the music scene.

Since their formation, Sea Girls have released several successful singles and EPs, including "Open Up Your Head" and "All I Want to Hear You Say". They have also toured extensively, captivating audiences with their electrifying live shows.


Sea Girls
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Album artwork for Midnight Butterflies by Sea Girls

Midnight Butterflies

Sea Girls

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Album artwork for Open Up Your Head by Sea Girls

Open Up Your Head

Sea Girls

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Sea Girls

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