Sonny Boy Williamson

Sonny Boy Williamson was an influential American blues singer and harmonica player who emerged during the rise of electric blues. He is known for his famous compositions such as "Help Me," "Eyesight To The Blind," and "Don't Start Me Talkin'." Born Aleck Ford on the Sara Jones Plantation in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, he later took on the name of his stepfather, Jim Miller. Despite the mystery surrounding blues legends, his gravestone lists his date of birth as March 11, 1908, and his death as June 23, 1965.

As a songwriter/composer registered with BMI under the name Willie Williamson (BMI CAE/IPI #: 63518579), Sonny Boy Williamson's contributions to music are recognized. His unique style and talent have influenced many artists in the genre of blues.

Born on December 5, 1899 in Glendora, Mississippi, Sonny Boy Williamson's musical legacy continues to inspire fans worldwide. His impact can be heard in the works of other notable artists such as *Willie Love*, *Sonny Boy Williamson I*, *John Brim*, *Big Walter Horton*, and many more.


Sonny Boy Williamson
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