Sugar Minott

Lincoln Barrington Minott, known as Sugar Minott, was a Jamaican artist born on May 25, 1956. He started his career in sound systems at a young age and eventually formed his own called Gathering of Youth. In 1969, he joined forces with Tony Tuff and Derrick Howard to create the group the African Brothers. They recorded for various producers and gained popularity with songs like "Lead us Father" and "Mystery of Nature".

In 1974, Sugar Minott collaborated with producer Coxsone Dodd at Studio One and released hits such as "Vanity" and "Mr DC". This led to his first solo album titled "Live Loving". In 1979, he established his own label called Black Roots Music and founded the Youth Promotion Possie. Through this platform, he recorded talented artists like Little John, Triston Palmer, Barry Brown, and Tony Tuff.

Sugar Minott's contribution to reggae music was significant until his unfortunate passing on July 10, 2010 due to heart disease. His unique style influenced many artists within the genre. If you enjoy the sounds of Johnny Osbourne, Al Campbell or Leroy Smart among others from that era then you will definitely appreciate Sugar Minott's musical legacy.


Sugar Minott
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