The Gun Club

The Gun Club is a rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1980-1981 by Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Brian Tristan (better known as Kid Congo Powers), Don Snowden and Brad Dunning. Originally called The Creeping Ritual, the band gained recognition with their debut album "Fire Of Love" in 1981. Over the years, the lineup changed multiple times, with various talented musicians joining and leaving.

Known for their unique blend of punk rock with influences from blues, rockabilly, and country music, The Gun Club has been hailed as pioneers of the cowpunk and punk blues sound. Their music has been described as "tribal psychobilly blues." Despite facing setbacks such as hiatuses and lineup changes, the band continued to release albums and captivate audiences with their raw energy.

Tragically, on March 31st, 1996, The Gun Club came to an end following the death of Jeffrey Lee Pierce. However, their impact on the punk rock subculture remains significant. If you enjoy artists like Richard Hell, Dead Moon or X who push boundaries and fuse genres together seamlessly then The Gun Club's discography is definitely worth exploring.


The Gun Club
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