The Obsessed

The Obsessed were formed in the late 1970's by teenage friends Scott Weinrich, aka "Wino", (guitar) and Mark Laue (bass) along with drummer Dave Flood (aka "Dave The Slave") and guitarist/vocalist Johnny Reese in Maryland, USA. Over time, the line-up would fluctuate, with Reese leaving, and vocalist Vance Bockis and guitarist Norman Lawson passing through the ranks.

Finally, as a trio consisting of Weinrich (now handling vocals and guitar), Laue, and Flood, the band released their debut 7", commonly known as "Sodden Jackal". The band made a name for themselves in and around Maryland, even gaining a following in Washington DC's famous hardcore punk scene, and made an appearance on a "Metal Massacre" compilation.

Faced with a lack of success and label disinterest, the group disbanded shortly afterwards. However, word of the band reached Saint Vitus whose singer Scott Reagers had announced his departure from the band. They asked Wino to join. The Obsessed tape began making rounds in tape-trading circles and soon enough Hellhound Records offered to release it. To support its release, Wino put together a new version of the band for a tour.


The Obsessed
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