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The Rationals

The Rationals were an American R&B-influenced rock & roll band from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Formed in 1964, the group quickly gained attention and linked up with *John Sinclair* who became their manager. Their singles were released on his label, four of which were picked up for national distribution by *Capitol Records*. The band's lone LP was released in 1970 on *Crewe Records*, but unfortunately they split up soon after. The Rationals' two most successful records were covers of *Otis Redding*'s 'Respect' (which pre-dated Aretha Franklin's more famous version) and *The Yardbirds*' 'I Need You' (written by *Keith Relf*).

Lead vocalist Scott Morgan showcased his talent not only through singing but also playing various instruments including harmonica, guitar, drums, piano, and organ. Bill Figg provided the solid foundation on drums while Steve Correll added his skills as a lead guitarist. Terry Trabandt completed the lineup on bass guitar.

The Rationals drew inspiration from a range of artists within the rock genre. Some similar artists include The Remains, The Del-Vetts, The Gants, The Third Bardo, We The People, and many others.


The Rationals
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