Thee Mighty Caesars

Thee Mighty Caesars were a British garage rock band formed in 1985 by Billy Childish, who is also known for his work with The Milkshakes and Thee Headcoats. With their raw and energetic sound, they became an influential part of the garage punk revival scene. Drawing inspiration from bands like The Gories and Oblivians, their music was characterized by fuzzy guitars, catchy hooks, and rebellious lyrics. Alongside other projects such as The Buff Medways and The Chatham Singers, *Thee Mighty Caesars* left a lasting impact on the underground music scene.

With a discography spanning over a decade, *Thee Mighty Caesars* released numerous albums including "Acropolis Now," "Beware the Ides of March," and "Surely They Were the Sons of God." Their distinctive lo-fi sound combined elements of punk, blues, and 60s garage rock to create a unique sonic experience. Fans of fellow garage rock bands like The Delmonas or Les Sexareenos will find themselves drawn to *Thee Mighty Caesars'* gritty yet infectious tunes.

Despite disbanding in 1989 after several lineup changes, *Thee Mighty Caesars* continue to be celebrated for their contribution to the garage punk genre. Their influence can still be heard in contemporary acts such as Mark Sultan or Teengenerate. Whether you're discovering them for the first time or


Thee Mighty Caesars
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