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Tom Odell

Tom Odell is a British singer-songwriter, known for his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. Born on 24 November 1990 in Chichester, West Sussex, England, UK, he has captivated audiences with his emotional performances and relatable songs. With a unique blend of indie rock and pop influences, Tom's music resonates with listeners around the world. Whether it's his powerful ballads or infectious upbeat tracks, Tom Odell continues to make waves in the music industry.


Tom Odell
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Album artwork for Long Way Down by Tom Odell

Long Way Down

Tom Odell

8,99 € - 34,99 €

Album artwork for Monsters by Tom Odell


Tom Odell

17,99 € - 34,99 €

Album artwork for Black Friday by Tom Odell

Black Friday

Tom Odell

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