Rhino Records, also known as Rhino, is a renowned music label that was established in 1973 by Richard Foos. Starting as a record store in Westwood California, Rhino quickly gained recognition with its first successful release "Go To Rhino Records" by Wild Man Fischer in 1975. The label's early logo featured "Rocky the Rhino" and focused on novelty, surf, local new wave bands, and reissues of out-of-print records from other labels.

Under the guidance of Bill Inglot for production, Ken Perry for mastering, and A&R team Gary Stewart and James Austin, Rhino expanded its catalog to include a wide range of reissues by the mid-1980s. The label underwent a logo redesign during this time period to simply "Rhino". In 1984, Rhino released its first CD and became known for manufacturing high-quality CDs made by Sanyo (1984-85) and various manufacturers from Japan or Switzerland thereafter.

In 1985, Rhino entered into a distribution deal with Capitol Records which lasted until 1992. This partnership allowed access to Capitol's back catalog and led to the release of reissues of old Capitol albums. Additionally, EMI and Rhino acquired the Roulette family of labels in 1989. As their deal with Capitol came to an end in 1992, Time-Warner offered an opportunity for growth. Half of the label was sold to Time-Warner


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Album artwork for Seal by Seal



47,99 €

Album artwork for Fragile by Yes



139,99 €

Album artwork for From the Mars Hotel by Grateful Dead

From the Mars Hotel

Grateful Dead

42,99 € - 49,99 €

Album artwork for ...But Seriously by Phil Collins

...But Seriously

Phil Collins

22,99 € - 42,99 €

Album artwork for Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads

Stop Making Sense

Talking Heads

9,99 € - 59,99 €

Album artwork for Hardcore by Lil Kim


Lil Kim

54,99 €

Album artwork for Marquee Moon by Television

Marquee Moon


9,99 € - 32,99 €