Abdullah Ibrahim

Abdullah Ibrahim, born as Adolph Johannes Brand in Cape Town in 1934, is a legendary South African jazz musician known for his exceptional piano and saxophone skills. He earned the nickname "Dollar" during his youth due to his regular purchases of jazz LPs from US-American soldiers. In 1968, after converting to Islam, he changed his name to Abdullah Ibrahim but continued performing and recording under the *Dollar Brand* moniker for some time.

One of Ibrahim's most significant contributions to South African heritage is his composition "Mannenberg" from 1974, which has been hailed as a seminal piece and even considered an unofficial national anthem. Recognizing his immense talent and influence on music, Mr. Ibrahim was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Music from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2009.

If you enjoy artists like *Jacky Terrasson*, *Brad Mehldau Trio*, or *Esbjörn Svensson*, then Abdullah Ibrahim's music will surely captivate you with its unique blend of jazz elements and cultural influences.


Abdullah Ibrahim
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