Alabama 3

Alabama 3 is a British band formed in Brixton, London in 1995. They are known for their unique blend of rock, electronic, blues, country, gospel, and spoken word styles. Inspired by the case of two black men wrongly accused and hung in the American deep south during the 1930s, Alabama 3's music carries a powerful message about justice and equality.

The band was born when the son of a Welsh Mormon preacher crossed paths with the offspring of a Glaswegian trades unionist at an underground acid house party in South London. Their fusion of Hank Williams' country music, gospel influences, and acid house beats created a sound that defied categorization.

Expanding into a Brixton-based collective in the mid '90s, Alabama 3 has become renowned for their joyous and provocative performances. They continue to be one of Britain's most inspirational bands, challenging societal norms with their delinquent yet righteous approach to music.


Alabama 3
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