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Alan Vega

Alan Vega (1938-2016) was an American musician, vocalist, and sculptor. He gained recognition as a visual artist for his "light sculptures" before venturing into music. Alongside Martin Rev, he formed the influential electronic duo Suicide, known for their minimalist and aggressive sound. After disbanding in 1980, Vega pursued a solo career, exploring his rockabilly identity. He released several albums with Suicide and as a solo artist, incorporating drum machines and effects with free-form prose. Despite health issues later in life, Vega continued to create music until his passing.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Vega was also an accomplished painter and exhibited his artwork in various shows throughout New York City. His final studio album 'IT' was released posthumously in 2021 and featured original artwork by Vega himself. Sacred Bones Records has since released 'Mutator', the first of many unreleased materials from the Vega Vault.

Alan Vega's contributions to electronic music continue to inspire artists today, solidifying his legacy as a pioneering figure in the genre.


Alan Vega
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