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Alcatrazz is a heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA. Formed in 1983, they gained recognition for their hit songs "Island in the Sun" and "God Blessed Video". The original line-up included former Rainbow singer frontman Graham Bonnet, talented Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen who had recently left American band Steeler, Gary Shea and Jimmy Waldo from New England, and Clive Burr of Iron Maiden fame. After only a week with the band, Burr left upon learning that Alcatrazz would be based in the United States instead of his native England. He was soon replaced by Jan Uvena, former drummer of Iron Butterfly and Alice Cooper's backing band. It was Shea who came up with the name "Alcatrazz".

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Explore Alcatrazz's unique blend of heavy metal music that captivates fans worldwide. With their iconic hits and talented lineup featuring renowned artists such as Graham Bonnet and Yngwie Malm


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