Andrew Gabbard

Andrew Gabbard is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. With his unique blend of rock and folk influences, he has captivated audiences with his soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. As the brother of a2348606, Andrew's musical talent runs in the family.

His music draws inspiration from a variety of artists including The Gabbard Brothers, The Pink Stones, M Ross Perkins, Angelica Rockne, Bennett Wilson Poole, The Shootouts, Those Pretty Wrongs, Rudy De Anda, Hollow Hand, Carter Sampson, Doug Paisley, Joey Frendo, The Watson Twins,Ellie Turner, The No Ones,Sam Blasucci, Mya Byrne ,Spencer Cullum,Ben de la Cour,and Matt Hillyer.

If you're looking for authentic and heartfelt music that will resonate with your soul,Andrew Gabbard is an artist you won't want to miss. His melodic tunes and introspective lyrics are sure to leave a lasting impression on any listener.


Andrew Gabbard
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