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Anthrax is a thrash metal band from New York City, formed in 1981 by Scott Ian and Danny Lilker. With their initial line-up changes, the band eventually solidified with Neil Turbin on vocals, Dan Spitz on guitar, Charlie Benante on drums, and Lilker moving to bass. They gained worldwide success as one of the top-selling thrash metal bands in the 80s and early 90s. Anthrax also ventured into rap/metal collaborations with Public Enemy and released alternative rock albums during the late 90s. After several lineup changes over the years, including vocalist switches between Joey Belladonna and John Bush, Anthrax reunited with Belladonna in 2010 and continues to create music that combines heavy metal and modern rock elements.

Throughout their career, Anthrax has released numerous LPs, EPs, singles, and greatest hits albums showcasing their evolution from pure thrash metal to alternative rock sounds. Notable releases include "Fistful Of Metal" (1984), "The Sound Of White Noise" (1993), "We've Come For You All" (2003), and "Worship Music" (2011). The band's collaborations with other artists such as Ross The Boss of Manowar for their first release "Soldiers Of Metal", as well as Public Enemy for a re-working of PE's song "Bring The Noise", have further expanded their musical reach.


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