Asian Dub Foundation

Asian Dub Foundation is a UK group formed in September 1993 through a music technology workshop for Asian youth. Their tracks are known for their politically and culturally conscious rap, traditional Asian instruments, breakbeats, and samples. The original line-up consisted of *Master D* on rap, *Pandit G* on turntables, *Sun-J* on live sequencing, *Chandrasonic* on programming/guitar/voice, *Brian Fairbairn* on drums, and *Dr Das* on programming/bass/voice.

Over the years, Asian Dub Foundation has had several members including Steve Chandra Savale (aka Chandrasonic), Aktar Ahmed (aka Aktarv8r), Dr. Das, Ghetto Priest, Nathan "Flutebox" Lee, and Brian Fairbairn. Past members include Deeder Zaman (aka Master D), Prithpal Rajput (aka Cyber), Martin Savale, Al Rumjen, Sanjay Gulabbhai Tailor (aka Sun-J), John Pandit (aka Pandit G), Lord Kimo, MC Spex,and Rocky Singh.

If you enjoy the sounds of artists like Dub Pistols,Dreadzone, Propellerheads,and High Tone,you will definitely appreciate the unique fusion of styles that Asian Dub Foundation brings to their music. With influences from genres such as dub,punk rock,and hip-hop,the band creates an energetic and thought-provoking


Asian Dub Foundation
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