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Azymuth is a Brazilian group that started out in the early 1970s as Grupo Seleção, a cover band. Inspired by a Marcos & Paulo Sérgio Valle song, they changed their name to Azymuth in 1973. Their first album, initially titled Azimüth and released in 1975, featured the hit Linha Do Horizonte. With their unique mix of samba, funk, and jazz known as MPB-jazz (referring to Música Popular Brasileira), they gained popularity with hits like Melô Da Cuíca and Jazz Carnival. After some lineup changes over the years, keyboardist J.R. Bertrami returned to the group in the mid-2000s before his passing in 2012.

In the early 1980s, Azymuth moved to the United States where they produced several albums that were not released in Brazil. Despite this setback, their music continued to captivate audiences with tracks like Dear Limmertz becoming fan favorites. The trio's commitment to blending genres and pushing musical boundaries has solidified their place as influential artists within the Brazilian music scene.

Following Bertrami's death, keyboardist Kiko Continentino joined drummer Ivan "Mamão" Conti and bassist Alex Malheiros to carry on Azymuth's legacy under Far Out label. With their dedication to creating innovative sounds and captivating performances, Azymuth continues


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