Bastille is a British indie pop band formed in 2010. The group consists of lead vocalist Dan Smith, keyboardist Kyle Simmons, bassist and guitarist Will Farquarson, and drummer Chris Wood. Known for their catchy hooks and anthemic sound, Bastille has gained international recognition with hits like "Pompeii" and "Happier". Their unique blend of electronic elements with alternative rock influences has earned them a dedicated fan base worldwide. With multiple award nominations and chart-topping albums, Bastille continues to captivate audiences with their infectious energy and thought-provoking lyrics.

Since their debut album "Bad Blood" in 2013, Bastille has been on a meteoric rise to success. The album received critical acclaim and spawned several hit singles that propelled the band into the mainstream music scene. Their follow-up releases, including "Wild World" and "Doom Days", further solidified their status as one of the most exciting acts in contemporary music.

Bastille's live performances are renowned for their electrifying atmosphere and high-energy delivery. Whether performing at sold-out arenas or intimate venues, the band never fails to engage audiences with their captivating stage presence. With an impressive discography under their belt and a commitment to pushing musical boundaries, Bastille continues to evolve as artists while staying true to their signature sound.


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