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Ben Webster

Ben Webster, also known as "The Brute" or "Frog," was an influential American jazz tenor saxophonist. Born on March 27, 1909 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, he left a lasting impact on the world of music until his death on September 20, 1973 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Webster's soulful and expressive playing style made him stand out among his peers. He collaborated with numerous renowned artists throughout his career and was often compared to fellow saxophonists *Lester Young* and *Johnny Hodges*. His contributions to jazz were significant and he continues to inspire musicians today.

In addition to his musical accomplishments, Webster had a cameo appearance as himself in the movie "Stille dage i Clichy / Quiet days on Clichy" (1970), directed by Jens Jørgen Thorsen. This further showcased his presence beyond the realm of music.


Ben Webster
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