Bettye Swann

Best known for her 1967 R&B chart-topper "Make Me Yours," Bettye Swann is a Southern soul chanteuse born in Shreveport, Louisiana on October 24, 1944. She began her career as a member of the Fawns before embarking on a successful solo career in 1964. With hits like "The Man That Said No" and "Don't Look Back," Swann established herself as a talented artist. Her ability to interpret various genres was evident with songs like "I'd Rather Go Blind" and covers of country classics like Merle Haggard's "Today I Started Loving You Again." Although she eventually faded from the music scene, Swann's impact on soul music remains undeniable.

Bettye Swann first gained recognition in the early 1960s as part of the group called the Fawns. However, it was her solo career that truly showcased her talent and artistry. She collaborated with songwriter Carolyn Franklin and producer Arthur Wright to release several singles under the independent Los Angeles label Money.

In 1967, Bettye Swann released her breakthrough hit "Make Me Yours," which also became the title track for her debut album. Throughout the late '60s and early '70s, she continued to release singles and albums under different labels such as Capitol and Atlantic. Notable songs include "My Heart Is Closed for the Season," "Don't Touch Me," and "


Bettye Swann
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