Bill Fay

Bill Fay is a UK-based singer, songwriter, and pianist. He began writing music in the early 1960s while studying at university. In 1966, he recorded a demo that caught the attention of ex-Them drummer Terry Noon. With Noon's help, Fay signed a recording contract with Decca Records. Between 1967 and 1971, Decca released a single and two albums by Fay. Despite critical acclaim, these recordings did not sell well, leading to the end of his contract.

In the late 1970s, Fay returned to the studio to record his third album, which was finally released in January 2005 on Durtro/Jnana Records under the name Bill Fay Group. In 2004, Lost Highway Records released a collection of demos recorded between 1966 and 1970 titled "Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow." After over four decades without releasing new material (except for one track in 2000), Bill released a new album of original songs in 2012 called "Life Is People." This was followed by another album in 2015 titled "Who Is The Sender?"

Bill has gained a devoted fan base over the years including country rockers Wilco, songwriter/producer Jim O'Rourke, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin and David Tibet of Current93.


Bill Fay
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