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Black Country, New Road

A six-piece post-rock group from England, Black Country, New Road burst onto the music scene in early 2019 with their sell-out single "Athens, France" released on the label Speedy Wunderground. They quickly followed up with another hit single 'Sunglasses' on Blank Editions. Their unique sound and captivating performances garnered attention and anticipation for their debut album 'For The First Time', which was released in early 2021 to critical acclaim.

Black Country, New Road's music is a fusion of genres that defies categorization. With influences ranging from post-rock to jazz and punk, they create a dynamic and experimental sound that pushes boundaries. Their songs are characterized by intricate instrumentals, poetic lyrics, and powerful vocals.

In early 2022, Black Country, New Road released their highly anticipated second album 'Ants From Up There'. This record further solidified their reputation as one of the most exciting bands in contemporary music. With its thought-provoking themes and masterful musicianship, 'Ants From Up There' showcases the band's growth and maturity.


Black Country, New Road
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