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Black Flag

Black Flag was one of America's first hardcore punk bands, emerging from Southern California and gaining international prominence. They played a vital role in the development and popularization of American punk through their SST label. Despite numerous personnel changes, Black Flag persevered until 1986, exploring the intersection of punk and heavy metal. Guitarist Greg Ginn founded the band in 1976 with vocalist Keith Morris, and remained the only constant member until their split. In recent years, Ginn has resurrected Black Flag for shows and announced plans for extensive touring and new material.

Guitarist and songwriter Greg Ginn founded Black Flag in 1976 along with vocalist Keith Morris. They were initially called Panic before adopting the name Black Flag a few years later. Ginn remained the only consistent member until their split in 1986. In 2003, Ginn brought back Black Flag for benefit shows featuring contributions from both old members and new players.

In January 2013, Greg Ginn announced that he was relaunching Black Flag with vocalist Ron Reyes for extensive touring and recording new material. At the same time, Keith Morris and Chuck Dukowski launched a separate project called Flag to perform the music of Black Flag alongside former members Bill Stevenson and Dez Cadena as well as Descendents/ALL guitarist Stephen Egerton.


Black Flag
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