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Bob Vylan

Bob Vylan is a London, UK-based duo that consists of Bobby Vylan on vocals and Bobbie Vylan, also known as Bobb13 Vylan, on drums. Their unique sound incorporates elements of Hip Hop, Grime, Punk, and Electronic music. With their diverse range of influences, Bob Vylan creates music that pushes boundaries and defies genre conventions.

Bobby Vylan's powerful vocals combined with Bobbie Vylan's dynamic drumming create an electrifying energy that captivates audiences. Their music is a reflection of the vibrant and diverse music scene in London, blending different genres to create something fresh and exciting.

As an emerging force in the music industry, Bob Vylan has gained recognition for their raw and honest lyrics that tackle social issues such as inequality and injustice. Their thought-provoking songs resonate with listeners who appreciate music with substance.


Bob Vylan
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