Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Born on June 8, 1944 in Canton, Ohio, USA, he has been playing guitar since the age of 12. He is well-known for his musical collaborations with Steve Miller and his solo releases. Scaggs gained fame as a member of the Steve Miller Band and achieved his greatest commercial success in 1976 with the critically acclaimed album "Silk Degrees".

In the mid-sixties, Scaggs traveled to Sweden where he released his first solo album. Throughout his career, he has been actively involved in music both in America and abroad.

Not only is Boz Scaggs a talented musician but he is also a proud father. He has made significant contributions to the music industry and continues to captivate audiences with his soulful voice and impressive guitar skills.


Boz Scaggs
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