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Bring Me the Horizon

Bring Me the Horizon is a metalcore band hailing from Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK. Formed in 2004, they quickly gained recognition for their intense and aggressive style of music. Their early work, including their debut album "Count Your Blessings," was characterized as deathcore. However, the band gradually evolved their sound to incorporate a more diverse range of metalcore elements on subsequent albums.

In 2015, Bring Me the Horizon released their album "That's The Spirit," which marked a significant shift in their musical direction. This album showcased a departure from their earlier aggressive rock styles and embraced a more eclectic approach that incorporated electronic rock and nu metal influences. This intentional change allowed them to appeal to a wider audience while still maintaining their signature intensity.

The current lineup consists of Oliver "Oli" Sykes on vocals, Matt "Vegan" Keen on bass, Matt Nicholls on drums, Lee Mahlia on guitar, and Jordan Fish handling keyboards, drum pad, percussion, and backing vocals since 2012. Although there have been changes over the years with former members Curtis Ward (rhythm guitar) and Jona Weinhofen (rhythm guitar/backing vocals), Bring Me the Horizon continues to push boundaries within the metalcore genre with their unique blend of heavy sounds and melodic undertones.


Bring Me the Horizon
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