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Camel is an English progressive rock group formed in 1971. The original lineup consisted of Andrew Latimer on guitar, flute, and vocals, Peter Bardens on keyboards and synths, Doug Ferguson on bass and vocals, and Andy Ward on drums and percussion. Their first four studio albums were recorded with this lineup, including their most commercially successful album, The Snow Goose, which was released in 1975. This entirely instrumental record reached number 22 on the UK charts and is certified silver.

In 1976, Camel was joined by former King Crimson sax player and flautist Mel Collins for their tour following the release of their fourth album, Moonmadness. The band underwent several personnel changes over the years as they explored a jazzier sound. In 1978, Richard Sinclair from Caravan replaced Doug Ferguson. By the end of that year, Bardens, Sinclair, and Collins had left the band while Colin Bass, Kit Watkins, and Jan Schelhaas joined.

Despite facing advertising challenges due to controversial cover art featuring a crucified astronaut looking at Earth for their seventh studio album I Can See Your House From Here, Camel returned to the UK charts at number 45. The band released three more studio albums before disbanding in 1984 after numerous personnel changes.

In 1991, Andrew Latimer revived Camel with various lineups


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