Caravan is a UK progressive rock band that was formed in January 1968 in Canterbury, Kent. The original lineup consisted of *a608039* on drums, *a310634* on guitar, *a300121* on organ, and *a266835* on bass. In August 1971, Dave left the band and was replaced by *a239943*. Steve and Richard also left in July 1972 but were replaced by *a328759*, Stuart Evans, and *a382721*. Stuart was later replaced by *a328758* in February 1973. Derek rejoined the band in April 1973.

Their first public appearance took place at the Middle Earth Club in Covent Garden, London in June 1968. Caravan's music is often associated with other artists such as Valentin, Camo Columbo, LEFT., Arya, AFTRHOURS, Sandra Iris, Spritely, INTRN, Gloria Kim, Adriel Rivera, Scoobert Doobert Jaeger Johnning Munboi Liush BRAN High Tropics RIELL Macy Todd.

With their unique blend of progressive rock sound and captivating performances, Caravan has become a staple of the music industry. Their longevity and ability to adapt have solidified their position as one of the most influential bands within the genre.


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