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Carla Olson

Carla Olson is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, performer, and producer who was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She made her mark on the music scene when she moved to Los Angeles in 1978 and formed The Textones. Their debut album, Midnight Mission, even entered the Billboard 200.

Throughout her career, Carla Olson has garnered critical acclaim for her work as a solo performer, band leader, and producer. Her talent and passion shine through in every project she takes on.

If you enjoy the music of artists like Gene Clark, Mick Taylor, or Willie Nile, then you will definitely appreciate Carla Olson's unique sound. Whether it's with The Textones or as a solo artist collaborating with other talented musicians such as Ronnie Wood or Chris Hillman - Carla Olson never fails to deliver captivating performances that leave a lasting impression.


Carla Olson
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