Carnivore was a crossover thrash metal band from Brooklyn, NY, active from 1982 to 1990. Led by vocalist/bassist/songwriter Peter Steele, the band emerged after the dissolution of Steele's previous project. With drummer Louis Beateaux also joining, Carnivore was completed by guitarist Keith Alexander (later replaced by Marc Piovanetti). Known for their controversial lyrics, which were often tongue-in-cheek and meant to provoke, Carnivore released two albums and had ties to Agnostic Front. After disbanding, Steele went on to form Type O Negative, incorporating some of Carnivore's songs into their debut album.

In 2006, Steele revived Carnivore with a new lineup for live performances. Sadly, original guitarist Keith Alexander passed away in July 2005 due to a bicycle accident. Tragically, Peter Steele himself died in April 2010 from heart failure.

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