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Josh Karpeh, better known as Cautious Clay, is a talented artist hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. With a passion for music that began at a young age, he started playing the flute and later picked up the saxophone to join his high school jazz band. While studying at George Washington University, Karpeh honed his skills in music production by creating beats for friends and doing remixes. Influenced by SoundCloud, he gained recognition with his remix of Billie Eilish's "Ocean Eyes." This led to the release of his debut EP, Blood Type, featuring the hit single "Cold War." Since then, Cautious Clay has captivated audiences with his soulful sound and mesmerizing live performances.

Cautious Clay's journey in music began during his time at George Washington University where he discovered a love for music production. He experimented with making beats for friends and creating remixes which helped shape his unique style. One of his notable achievements was the release of a remix for Billie Eilish's popular track "Ocean Eyes" on SoundCloud. The success of this remix led to its inclusion in the official Ocean Eyes (The Remixes) EP.

In 2017, Cautious Clay released "Cold War," marking the first single from his debut EP titled Blood Type. The EP was initially released in February 2018 and later re-released with an additional single called "Stolen Moments"


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