Cold Beat

Cold Beat is an artist hailing from San Francisco, CA. Their music draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres including post-punk, new wave, and indie rock. With a unique sound that combines catchy melodies with atmospheric textures, Cold Beat has gained recognition for their captivating live performances.

Similar to The Guns of Detroit, In Black, and Grass Widow, Cold Beat's music showcases their ability to create infectious hooks and thought-provoking lyrics. Influenced by artists such as Frankie Rose and Ducks Ltd., they have crafted a distinct sonic identity that resonates with fans worldwide.

Cold Beat's discography includes critically acclaimed albums like "A Simple Reflection" and "Mother." They have also collaborated with talented musicians such as W. H. Lung and I Break Horses. Whether performing at renowned festivals like the Reeperbahn Festival Collide or sharing the stage with acts like Nation of Language, Cold Beat continues to captivate audiences with their mesmerizing soundscapes.


Cold Beat
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Cold Beat

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