Damien Jurado

American indie/folk singer/songwriter and guitarist. His solo career began during the mid-1990s, releasing lo-fi folk based recordings on his own cassette-only label, [l188419] Gaining a local cult following in Seattle, he was brought to the attention of Sub Pop Records by Sunny Day Real Estate singer [a=Jeremy Enigk]. His musical career is marked by periods of close collaboration with various musicians. Until about "I break chairs" his work was closely linked to [a=Pedro The Lion] and [a=David Bazan]. From then until "Caught In The Trees", [a=Eric Fischer] became his companion as a musician and producer. The most significant change in sound came when he met the late [a=Richard Swift (2)], with whom he collaborated from "St. Bartlett" to "Visions Of Us On The Land."Since "The Horizon Just Laughed" [a=Josh Gordon] has been his new musical partner. Other frequent contributors were the members of [a=Gathered In Song], [a=Rosie Thomas] and [a387255]. His full-length albums have been released on [l77343], [l35538], [l44370] and [l363414]. In 2021 he founded [l=Maraqopa Records]. From 2004 to 2007 he also co-ran [l77015].


Damien Jurado
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