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Dark Arts

David Thiérrée is a self-taught French artist born in 1970. Since 1989, he has been creating artwork for metal bands worldwide, including cover art, logos, and t-shirts. He has also worked in the fantasy domain, contributing to the emergence of the extreme metal underground. Some notable bands he has collaborated with include Behemoth (Poland), Mutiilation (France), and Satanic Warmaster (Finland). In addition to his work in the music industry, David focuses on classic fantasy illustration and has exhibited his artwork internationally.

In May 2011, David released his first artbook titled "Mondes Imaginaires." His talent as an artist was recognized when he received a "Froud award" in 2008 for best artist of the month and year. His work has also been featured in the Spectrum Fantasy art compendium.

Besides his contributions to music and fantasy illustration, David has worked on Paolo Parente's Dust Heroic Fantasy miniature games ANASTYR. Currently residing in Brittany, France, David continues to create captivating artwork that showcases his unique style and creativity.


Dark Arts
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