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Decius is an influential artist in the electronic music scene, known for his unique blend of techno and acid house. With a career spanning over a decade, Decius has established himself as a true pioneer in the genre. His music is characterized by pulsating beats, hypnotic melodies, and intricate soundscapes that transport listeners to another dimension.

Inspired by artists such as Paranoid London, Fat White Family, and Gabe Gurnsey, Decius has carved out his own distinct sound that sets him apart from his peers. His tracks are often dark and gritty, with a raw energy that captivates audiences both on the dancefloor and at home.

Having collaborated with notable musicians like Insecure Men and SCUDFM, Decius continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories. His live performances are legendary for their intensity and immersive experience, leaving fans craving more.


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Album artwork for Decius Vol.1 by Decius

Decius Vol.1


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