Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno is a UK band that originated in East London in January 1989. Initially formed as a four-piece, they later became a trio. Known for their unique sound and experimental approach to music, Disco Inferno captivated audiences with their thought-provoking lyrics and innovative use of sampling.

Although the band disbanded in 1996, several members went on to form Floorshow. Despite recording an album and single, these releases remained unreleased. Disco Inferno's influence can be heard in the works of artists such as Long Fin Killie, Moonshake, Bark Psychosis, and Flying Saucer Attack.

With their distinct style blending elements of post-rock, shoegaze, and electronic music, Disco Inferno left an indelible mark on the alternative music scene. Their legacy continues to inspire musicians today.


Disco Inferno
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Disco Inferno

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