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Don Cherry

Don Cherry was an American avant-garde jazz trumpeter, born on November 18, 1936 in Oklahoma City. He had a prolific career and is best known for his long association with Ornette Coleman. Cherry's musical influence extended beyond his own work, as he was the father of Jan Cherry, David Ornette Cherry, and Eagle-Eye Cherry, and stepfather to Neneh Cherry.

Cherry's innovative approach to trumpet playing helped shape the avant-garde/free jazz movement. His unique style combined elements of traditional jazz with experimental techniques, pushing the boundaries of the genre. Throughout his career, he collaborated with numerous renowned musicians and left a lasting impact on the world of jazz.

Despite his untimely death on October 19, 1995 in Malaga, Spain, Don Cherry's legacy continues to inspire aspiring musicians and jazz enthusiasts worldwide. His contributions to music will always be remembered and celebrated.


Don Cherry
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