Doug Hammond

Doug Hammond is a talented drummer, percussionist, and vocalist born on December 26, 1942 in Tampa, Florida. He began his musical journey as a sideman in blues and R&B bands in Florida before expanding his repertoire to include various genres such as blues, bop, and free jazz. In 1967, he co-founded the Detroit Creative Musicians Association where he served as vice president and coordinator. His move to New York in 1970 allowed him to explore different jazz projects both as a frontman and member of groups.

Throughout his career, Hammond's music has evolved to incorporate elements of blues and rhythm chant forms with influences from American and European avant-garde styles. Apart from his musical talents, he is also an accomplished writer with several books of poetry, song lyrics, essays, and drum instructions under his belt.

If you enjoy the sounds of *Marcus Belgrave*, *Calvin Keys*, *Doug Carn*, or any other artists who blend various genres into their music while pushing creative boundaries like Doug Hammond does, then you're sure to appreciate his unique style.


Doug Hammond
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