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Doves is an alternative rock band hailing from Manchester, England. Formed in 1998, the band consists of twin brothers Jez Williams on guitar and vocals, Andy Williams on drums and vocals, and Jimi Goodwin on bass, vocals, and guitar. After a hiatus from 2010 to 2018, during which Jimi Goodwin released a solo album and the Williams brothers formed Black Rivers, Doves regrouped to continue creating their unique sound.

With their distinctive blend of rock influences and melodic hooks, Doves have captivated audiences worldwide. Their music resonates with fans who appreciate their heartfelt lyrics and powerful performances. The band's years of experience shine through in every song they create.

During their hiatus period, each member explored individual projects that showcased their immense talent. However, it was inevitable that these three talented musicians would come back together to once again create magic as Doves. Fans eagerly await new releases from this iconic British band.


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Album artwork for The Last Broadcast by Doves

The Last Broadcast


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Album artwork for Some Cities by Doves

Some Cities


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