Drop Nineteens

Drop Nineteens is an alternative rock/shoegaze band from Boston, MA. They were active in the early '90s and broke up in 1994. However, they have recently reunited and are actively recording again in 2022. The original line-up consisted of Greg Ackell on guitar, vocals, and songwriting; Paula Kelley on vocals and guitar; Motohiro Yasue on guitar; Steve Zimmerman on bass; and Chris Roof on drums. After their first album, Paula Kelley, Chris Roof, and Motohiro Yasue left the band and were replaced by Megan Gilbert on vocals and guitar, Pete Koeplin on drums, and Justin Crosby on guitar. In their 2023 reunion line-up, Drop Nineteens consists of Greg Ackell, Paula Kelley, Motohiro Yasue, Steve Zimmerman, and Pete Koeplin.


Drop Nineteens
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