Dub Colossus

Dub Colossus is a reggae and dub collaboration between contemporary Ethiopian artists and Dubulah (aka Nick Page). Their music combines elements of dub, dreamy blues, hypnotic grooves, jazz piano, and driving funk brass. With influences from traditional Azmari singing, 70s reggae, and Ethio-pop, Dub Colossus creates one of the most alluring and soulful genres of African music.

Similar to other renowned artists such as Dub Syndicate, Adrian Sherwood, and Creation Rebel, Dub Colossus's unique sound has captivated audiences worldwide. Their fusion of different musical styles creates a mesmerizing experience that transcends boundaries.

If you enjoy the works of artists like Samuel Yirga, Little Axe, or African Head Charge, then you are sure to appreciate the rich melodies and infectious rhythms produced by Dub Colossus. They continue to push the boundaries of African music with their innovative approach.


Dub Colossus
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