Duncan Forbes

Duncan Forbes is a talented artist known for his unique blend of electronic music. With influences ranging from *Lol Hammond* to *Orlando Voorn*, Forbes has developed a distinctive sound that captivates listeners. His music combines elements of techno, house, and ambient, creating immersive sonic landscapes that transport audiences to another realm. Drawing inspiration from the likes of *Mr. G* and *Inigo Kennedy*, Forbes crafts intricate beats and melodies that resonate with both underground enthusiasts and mainstream fans alike.

Having released on esteemed labels such as Sound Synthesis and Scape One, Duncan Forbes has garnered recognition within the electronic music community for his innovative productions. His tracks possess a hypnotic quality that keeps crowds moving on dancefloors around the world. Whether it's the pulsating rhythms reminiscent of *Jozef K* or the ethereal atmospheres akin to *Hidden Element*, Forbes consistently delivers captivating compositions.

As an artist who continually pushes boundaries, Duncan Forbes stands out in today's saturated music scene. His collaborations with notable performers like *Otik* and *Reedale Rise* showcase his versatility as a producer while maintaining his signature style. With each release, he demonstrates an unwavering commitment to crafting immersive soundscapes that leave a lasting impact on listeners.


Duncan Forbes
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