Emma Warren

Emma Warren is a UK based journalist and editor, specializing in music and club culture. With an impressive career spanning several decades, she has worked for renowned publications such as Jockey Slut, The Face, Mixmag, DJ, Select, and Q. Emma has also curated the popular 'Steppers Delight' dubstep albums for Soul Jazz and produced BBC radio documentaries on iconic clubs. Known for her insightful longform interviews with influential artists like Brian Eno, Steve Reich, and Björk, Emma's writing has been featured in esteemed publications including The Guardian, Observer, Independent.

Throughout her career as a journalist and editor in the music industry, Emma Warren has established herself as an authoritative voice within the field of music and club culture. Her contributions to publications such as Jockey Slut [and] The Face have solidified her reputation as a knowledgeable source of information on all things related to music.

In addition to her work in print media, Emma Warren's influence extends beyond writing. She compiled the highly regarded 'Steppers Delight' dubstep albums for Soul Jazz Records [and] created compelling BBC radio documentaries that delve into the history of classic clubs. These projects showcase her dedication to preserving and celebrating important aspects of musical heritage.


Emma Warren
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