En Attendant Ana

En Attendant Ana is a talented indie rock band formed in France. The band consists of Margaux on vocals, keyboards, guitar, and lyrics; Camille on trumpet, guitar, and backing vocals; Maxence on guitar and backing vocals; Vincent on bass guitar; and Adrien on drums. They have previously had Romain on guitar and Antoine on bass guitar as former members. With their unique blend of instruments and captivating lyrics, En Attendant Ana has gained a dedicated following in the music industry.

Margaux's powerful vocals combined with her skills on multiple instruments bring depth to the band's sound. Camille adds a touch of uniqueness with his trumpet playing while also contributing to the band's harmonies. Maxence brings his talent for playing the guitar to create memorable melodies that resonate with listeners.

Vincent holds down the rhythm section with his skilled bass playing while Adrien keeps everything together with his precise drumming. Together, they create an infectious energy that can be felt in their live performances.


En Attendant Ana
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