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Esmerine is a musical ensemble formed by Bruce Cawdron, Beckie Foon, Brian Sanderson, and Philippe Charbonneau. Originally a duet consisting of Cawdron and Foon, Esmerine released their first album outside of their involvement with "Godspeed You! Black Emperor," "A Silver Mt. Zion," and "Set Fire To Flames." Unlike their previous projects, Esmerine's music focuses on drums, melodic percussion, and cello rather than guitars.

The band expanded its lineup for their third album in 2011 with the addition of Sarah Page and Andrew Barr. However, as Page and Barr became more involved with Barr Brothers duties, Esmerine solidified its touring lineup as a quartet with Jamie Thompson and Brian Sanderson for their fourth album in 2013.

With influences from Rachels and Clogs among others, Esmerine creates captivating compositions that showcase the unique combination of marimba, drums, melodic percussion, cello, violin, and contrabass. Their mesmerizing sound has garnered them comparisons to artists such as Hangedup,Hrsta,Silver Mt. Zion,Fly Pan Am,Efrim Manuel Menuck,and Do Make Say Think.


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