Essaie Pas

Essaie Pas is a Montreal electronic duo consisting of Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau. With their unique blend of darkwave, synthpop, and techno influences, they have carved out a distinct sound in the electronic music scene.

Inspired by artists such as *Hante.*, *Paradox Obscur*, and *Marie Davidson* herself, Essaie Pas creates hauntingly beautiful tracks that captivate listeners with their atmospheric melodies and introspective lyrics. Their music often explores themes of love, desire, and existentialism.

With a discography that includes albums like "Demain est une autre nuit" and "New Path," Essaie Pas has gained recognition for their experimental approach to electronic music. They have garnered a dedicated fanbase worldwide and have performed at renowned festivals such as Primavera Sound and MUTEK.


Essaie Pas
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