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Eyehategod is a sludge band from New Orleans, known for their misanthropic lyrics and their tumultuous history with law and drugs. After breaking up in 2000, they regrouped five years later. Lead singer *Mike Williams* faced legal troubles after Hurricane Katrina but was released in December of the same year thanks to his supporters.

In 2013, tragedy struck when drummer Joey LaCaze passed away at the age of 42 due to respiratory failure. Despite this loss, Eyehategod continued as a four-piece band for the first time in their career after guitarist Brian Patton left in late 2017 to prioritize his family.

The current lineup consists of *Mike Williams* on vocals, *Jimmy Bower* on guitar, *Aaron Hill* on drums, and *Gary Mader* on bass. With their unique sound and powerful performances, Eyehategod has become an influential force within the sludge metal genre.


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